A very good friend of mine asked me a few years ago if I had ever thought about becoming a coach and when I was made redundant in January this year he encouraged me to go on a coaching course. I am so very grateful to him for seeing that potential in me and I am so glad I listened to him. I now have a one week old Diploma in Coaching and an education to do something I really enjoy. Something that gives me “flow” and something that gives me the chance to help and make a difference.
While on the course I took several opportunities as coaching client to use work related issues and worries about my new company and about my future career. On one occasion I took the topic of January 15th 2019 coming so close and that I have so many loose ends to tie up before I can press the button and start my company and start invoicing. It was a really excellent coaching session with the course leader as coach and me as client resulting in me drawing up a timeline of when I realistically think I can invoice for the first time and working backwards to where I am now – end-October. I added milestones and dates onto the timeline. Being able to visualize the steps, dates and important landmarks on a white board made things feel so much better and so much more tangible instead of having all the issues in my head and spread on several bits of paper. The best part of the coaching was that I realized I really need to take half a day each week to have a meeting with myself. Make an agenda, work through it, plan and set goals for the following week. This way I know I can ensure I cover the aspects that need to be addressed before 15th January. So far so good. I started with my first half day this week and have already managed to finalise two items I had identified as a goal for the week and that have been pending far too long. Great to tick these off and to move on. /Alison