About Verto

Verto creates mobility in your company

Verto Konsult AB has extensive experience of supporting companies and organizations in their transition processes. We help you to create mobility, change, develop your staff and minimize the negative aspects of redundancies. It’s all about normal human concern. But not only that. Because what is good for employees is also good for the company’s business.

Trailing partner?

Verto Konsult AB offers a comprehensive programme for trailing spouses and partners who want to pursue a career in Sweden. Our strength as a supplier is our ability to adapt the program to suit individual needs. We work in an international environment where many of our clients and consultants are expats so we have first-hand knowledge and experience of how to establish yourself successfully in Sweden. Read more

About Verto

There is no life-long regular employment anymore. Few people will be with the same employer long enough to qualify for the traditional “gold watch”. Hardly anyone can count on their undergraduate studies lasting them throughout their career. Employment security has been changed to employability. Security is to be found in competence, not in the employment contract.

In the knowledge company personnel are the company’s most important resource. Employers must create dynamics and flexibility among their employees in order to maximize productivity. The right person in the right position in every given situation results in development, financial returns and a competitive advantage.

Tools are necessary to create a dynamic company. This is applicable irrespective of whether the company creates mobility by developing their employees, recruiting new competencies or by employees leaving the company.

Verto can supply the necessary tools for the transition process.

We work with:

Consultant support in planning and implementing personnel changes

Outplacement programs

Job placement for expat spouses in Sweden

Coach and Instructor training

Career planning

Verto’s consultants have extensive practical experience of working with the labor market as well as coaching people in transition processes. They are all certified in Verto’s methodology.


Are there any happy redundancies?

The world is changing all the time. The market economy drives companies to expand – or the opposite. Companies are confronted with new situations the whole time where the need for employees shifts continuously regarding numbers and competencies.

Today we have had to get used to employees entering and exiting the company. And that mobility can be initiated by both the employer and the employee. No matter who takes the initiative it is in everyone’s interest that they separate as friends.

Giving notice is important and involves a lot of responsibility that makes demands on everyone involved. In our experience most people cannot be expected to manage this task without support, guidance and training, no matter how mature and well-educated they are. It is worthwhile to devote time, energy and commitment to accomplishing this professionally. Work has to start long before the employee receives notice of termination.

A transition process that results in a co-worker having to terminate employment is nearly always tough and for many people very painful. It should be natural for an employee to acquire the necessary tools, resources and support to ensure that the process works well and the negative impact on all concerned is as small as possible.

A well executed separation results in former employees being ambassadors for the company at their new jobs, the company maintaining productivity and finding it easier to recruit when it is time to expand again. We adapt our assignments completely after the circumstances and the company’s needs. Examples of our services:


Sometimes employees and employers decide to go separate ways. In this situation the process of finding a new job can be felt to be lonely and difficult. Many of our participants have never had to look for a new job, or they have been at the same place of work for many years.

Our program aims to give structure and provide the right tools to find a new job quickly and efficiently.

Our participants work together with one of our consultants using Verto’s reliable concepts and methods. The role of the consultant is to provide our participants with inspiration and knowledge and to actively help move the process forward.

Verto’s concept is based on extensive experience of recruiting, profession selling of services, coaching and a close, continuous contact with the job seeker and the recruiting company. During the process we attach great importance to the invisible labor market, i.e. those jobs that are not advertised. We use our experience from selling services to train our participants in improving their skills in contacting presumptive employers directly.

Other subjects that are taken up during the process are:

Competence inventory

Personal marketing

Sales and questioning methods

Linkedin and social media as jobhuntingtools

Targeted applications and CVs

Training interviews with recruiting consultants

Surveying search, employment and recruitment agencies

Action plans with target formulation

In our experience we find that each participant has her/his own individual needs and wishes. We use our concepts to customize all of our programs in length and content, so that every participant feels that they are the unique individuals that they are.

It works this way:

The participant has a preliminary meeting with a Verto consultant, to ascertain whether Verto’s program would be of help or not.

At the first meeting the participant and consultant draw up a plan for their work together and document the expectations and goals.

The meetings with the consultant generally take place once a week.

In between the meetings the participant puts into practice the skills learnt about job hunting. The results are then discussed and analyzed with the consultant at the next meeting.

The participant has continuous access to his/her consultant during the program through e-mail and the telephone.

Naturally the consultant is bound by professional secrecy.

Participants have access to Verto’s large network of employers during the program.

All of our programs are applicable for both groups and individuals.

Job placement for spouses – a part of your relocation package

(In French or English)

Highly competent international job candidates, who a Swedish employer find interesting for a position in their organization, often have a spouse with a career of their own. When the individual evaluates an offer of a job in a new or foreign country, most will take into account the possibilities for the spouse to continue his/her professional career in the new country. A job is for many a part of their identity, gives them intellectual stimulation and sense of community. Those are factors which very often increase in importance, when moving to a new country.

A new culture, a new language and lack of a network in the field of one’s profession can create difficult obstacles in order to get a job. Through the offer of professional support in the job hunting process in Sweden for the accompanying spouse, the employer can add value to the compensation package of interesting candidates and their families.

Verto offers a proven job placement program which gives new knowledge, advice and support in the process towards a job and establishment on the job market in Sweden. In the program the focus is on describing the competence of the participant from a Swedish perspective, identify relevant jobs and potential employers, find the right recruiting channels and help in contacting prospective employers.

Through our long experience of job placements and our local knowledge and professional networks, we can create favorable conditions for the accompanying spouse to be able to enter the Swedish job market and thereby continue a professional career.

The program is carried out in English or French and is guided by senior career consultants with solid experience of expat situations and of job hunting on the Swedish job market.

Career development

Attracting new co-workers and getting them to stay

People looking for work today are very careful about choosing the right company to work with, especially those looking for qualified positions.This new reality demands new HR strategies. Employers have to accept that they will be scrutinized and examined in the same way that a prospective employee is. Which development tools do you have? How will you act if we have to go our separate ways?

The capability of providing employees good personal growth opportunities and career planning will give companies and organizations a substantial competitive edge in recruiting personnel.

Career planning includes:

The company is able to ensure that their employees’ competence develops to meet the increasing demands

Guiding the right person to the right job

Taking care of and making use of co-workers different competencies

Our services – Career development

We adapt our assignments completely after the circumstances and the company’s needs.
Examples of our services:

Analysis of the company’s requirements regarding employee development and career planning