I have just taken the whole of July as vacation and recharged my batteries. My employer made us all take four weeks holiday to reduce what they need to pay at the end of our employment. When they informed me that I had to take four weeks holiday I resented it. I wanted to save the holiday days as extra salary after my redundancy. Also, I only usually take a couple of weeks each summer. However, it has been a fantastic four weeks where I paused my “redundancy project”. Not only this but I have not checked work mail and have not had a single phone call from work for the first time in years. Wonderful. I needed it. I did read though. I read three books from the course material list ready for the start of my coaching course and the road to my certification. The literature I read was exactly what I needed for my personal development and was a positive affirmation of what I already know. I need to take responsibility for the job search and nobody can do it for me. I have to do this myself. I know I am hurtling towards unemployment and 15th January 2019 is just around the corner but I am working hard on not allowing negative voices in my head to tell me that I will not be ready in time.
In the Spring, I touched on so many areas that were new, challenging and exciting – how to start your own company, skills and abilities inventory, linked in, job searches, market research. All of these are still ongoing and now it is time to tie up all the loose ends and start to finalise the things I started ready to press the button in the beginning of 2019.