Job Search

Towards the end of 2017, before I was made redundant, I started looking for job vacancies for the first time in 30 years. It was fairly obvious that we would be downsizing and that what had once been a fantastic company where you could develop, grow and be challenged had totally stagnated. I felt frustrated. My work description had changed drastically. I had no idea how to go about find a new job so I started “surfing” and registered with few of the larger net recruiting companies. I had a c.v. which was basically a list of dates and work experience over the years. So with cv in hand I ticked in all the boxes on the internet for “fulltime” “Stockholm” “logistics” “shipping” “containers” etc. and started receiving vacancy notifications for jobs that matched my search criteria. I applied for a couple of jobs but with little enthuasiam and with no success. Looking back at this, and now six months down the road, I realise what a huge mistake it could have been. I could have easily slipped into another job doing something I am very good at but I quite frankly find boring instead of stepping out of my comfort zone and trying to find something I am good at and that gives me positive energy.

Knowing what I know today it’s extremely unlikely I would even try to find a job over internet but if I were tick in boxes today they would be “consultant” “carrier coaching” “ICF certificate” “project”. My cv (still in progress) is no longer a long list of dates and jobs descriptions but now includes my skills, abilities and experiences which I have gathered over the years not only at work but also through activities and experiences during my freetime outside work which are relevant to where I am heading.

I haven’t unregistered from the recruiting companies and I am letting the mails with vacancies continue. I see this as a way of measuring my progress and development from November 2017 to where I am today. From something I was last year to the new Alison in January 2019.