What an amazing month this has been. So much has happened in only 30 days.

Many courses and seminars, many leads to possible future business partners and so much new information that needs sorting and prioritizing. I was advised in the beginning to structure my job search and make it a project. Having lead many projects myself and knowing how easy it is to stray and get diverted I have set up goals and milestones. January 15th 2019 is my last employment date and by then I have to be ready.

The most positive thing this month has been the 3 day skills and abilities course. It has boosted my confidence, given me an incredible insight into who I am, what I can do and what I should or should not be doing. It has provided me with tools that I can have with me for my resumé, for linked in and also for any future interviews. These three days have been a confirmation that I am on the right track with starting my own company and that my business concept is the right one.

Most importantly, I have now finally found what gives me “flow”. A good friend of mine talked to me about “flow” a few years ago and I never really understood the concept. However, I have now finally identified what it is that I do that engages me so much that I lose all sense of time. What I do that captivates me. Best of all I know how I can apply these activities in my new job to ensure I am working with something that is optimal for me.

The downside this month is that I still have to go to my old company if I am not on a course or at an interview. I have been informed that I will not be released from the company during the redundancy period and the best I can possibly hope for is “garden duty” at some point after the summer. So I go to work and work with my job search and with the very few tasks I have left to do. I grit my teeth and try to remember that this is a very short period of my life and it will soon be over and I will be in a better place.