My coaching course is in now in full swing.
I have been struggling at times with getting structure in my life and with the self-discipline of studying, working and my free time. I haven’t studied for 30 odd years so my studying technique is very rusty. All of us who have been made redundant at work agree that after a life time of 9 to 5 in an office, when that rug is pulled from under your feet it takes time to get a healthy balance back into your weekday. It isn’t always that easy to prioritize your time and to ensure you are focusing on the right things. It is hard to time mange new challenges such as studying when they are not something that has been part of your everyday life.
Another insight in August was that I started to doubt myself and started to feel worried that I might be heading off on the wrong career path. What if I had wasted seven months of my redundancy time to find this was not really what I wanted to do? Could I back pedal and start from scratch again? Looking back I believe these voices in my head were a combination of performance anxiety and time pressure seeing how close my last work day is now. I should have trusted my gut instinct and should never have worried. All the courses I have participated in, the career counseling I have received and the fantastic help from people around me has given me a platform to stand on and has proved to be spot on. I see now that the Spring was a time for laying a solid foundation for my career path and for the road ahead.